A Handful of Dust – 1934 book

A Handful of Dust

Hei there. I’m back with an article about a book, first of this site.It’s about book A handful of Dust, a book written by Evelyn Waugh. This was published first in 1934. It was written in pre-wars period.

The book present us the story of a sad and depreseed man. He is left alone by everybody, included his wife. He’s got nothing left, so, he leave in Brasil with an expedition. But, he is run out of luck. In there, he is trapped by a maniac and caged.

This is a very good time for him to reflect. He has the time to think about his life, his wife, and everything. It appear’s that, the author, really included in the book pieces of his own life and experiences. He himself was in South America and stuff like that.

After is reaching Brazil, Tony is getting ill. He is rescued and capture by an small tribe, lead by an white-man, Mr. Todd. This is an illiterate but had a copy of a Dickens book. So, he wants Tony to read it everynight. Sound’s like fine in the first, but after a while, Tony understand that he is a prisonier here. It seems like it is doomed to read Dickens for ever.

Will he escape from that nightmare? You’ll see if you read the book.

If you don’t like the book or you don’t like to read, maybe you will like the movie. In 1988, it was produced the movie with the same name.

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A Handful of Dust – 1934 book
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