Hello world.

Hello world.

Hei there. Because this is my first post here, I want to talk about me and my hopes and of course, this blog. 

About me

Let me introduce myself, I am Dumitru but in online I have other names, too. You can call me Dust. I am from Romania, I live in Bucharest, country capital. In free time, I am a blogger. I have some blogs but on those, I write in Romanian, my native language.

About blog

I start this project, in august 2016. At that time, this was a blog from everybody who doesn’t know what to tell when is someone birthday. I saw all day long, stupid a copied greetings. So, I want to give people some original, smart and funny greetings. In the meanwhile, I don’t have enough time or maybe I don’t feel so creative for this. So, I put that on hold, and start a new project and one in another language, why not?

I want with this blog to try to improve my English. I have some difficulty with writing in English because it is not my native language. But I hope in time, I can write some good and correct (from grammar point) article.

I think we all start from somewhere, if you stay on the spot, you will never ever learn anything. So, here I am, I hope you enjoy this, and I hope you can understand me and my points of view.

Thank you,

Best regards


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Hello world.
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