Spirit or science

Spirit or science

In this day, all people talk about politically correct, although… it’s not like that. Nobody cares about nobody and they don’t want to listen. Everything must be explained. Why? It is not like that.

I made my today article after I saw this clip. I like TED speakers. I don’t know who is this lady but I liked her until the final or speech. She is trying to use her brain, very nice. She speaks about open-minded but she mocked (a little bit) Jesus and spiritual man.

This is the type of person that talks about science, trust science and only science. They are arrogant because of that. They think science is better and is the answer to all thing. It is not like that. Yes, science is important for us, but it is not all.

People like this lady, amuse me. Because they laughed off a spiritual man, and they are so „aught hh… they need this Jesus thing… cause they are not smart enough, or they are scared, they are not strong enough” and stuff like that. This is what amuse me. They all are scared. Scared that science not works in any case, and scared because of the feelings.

That’s the way they always wanna see the prove, the statistic, the numbers etc. They are safe if it is in the science. But hey, the world don’t work like that. Not all of the thing from this world can be explained.

And come on man, be real and feel. It is not a bad thing. Some things in the world are made to be feel, not think about it. Don’t think, feel. You will see that life are gonna looked in another way if sometimes you don’t think, you feel.

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Spirit or science
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